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A 60th Wedding Anniversary

This poem was written as a speech for my client to read at her parents 60th Wedding Anniversary lunch. The family of course turned out in force, everyone enjoyed the recollections of the past I had included and the poem made an excellent gift for the elderly couple on a truly special day. Every piece I write is unique and focused very sympathetically on the people who are its subject. Please get in touch if you think this would make a great gift or you’d like help with a speech for your parents anniversary.

The Diamond Standard

1. In Nineteen Fifty there came together a truly wonderful team:

A combination that found success
And…. forgive me, if quickly I seem to digress,
But history shows
And proud I am
To remind you all…..
We won a Grand Slam!

2, But more than this and better yet:

In the greater glorious game of life
Two players united as husband and wife
And history shows
And proud am I
To recall now the years
That have since gone by.

3. At Kenfig and Taibach, a courtship preamble:

An office romance at the then B.I.S
Eventually led to an answer of “yes”
But not before Mum
Aghast and yet calmly
Had faced all her Captain’s
Large family….Dad’s Army!

4. But in Kensington snow the marriage began:

For London was calling, the wedding held there
The two lives entwined in the city’s cold air
The orchestra played
And the guests, all as one
Raised their glasses to Essex
And Aberavon

5. Enjoyable times followed in Fifties London:

Though Wales and her valleys were far in the west
The couple found homes in the “Hills” nonetheless
Hard work and hard play
On a fresh field of dreams
Results were hard won
For the London Welsh teams

6. As the decade drew on, so the children arrived:

Yes parenthood came, to add weight to life’s scrum
The game plan redrafted for Dad and for Mum
A son and a daughter
Just two years apart
And a family created
With love at its heart

7. Then the 60s began with a return to Wales:

Back over the Severn and welcomed by all
Support in Port Talbot and nearby Porthcawl
The 60s were swinging
But,,, as you may know
Not if you had children
My word….don’t they grow!

8. Then eventually settling in Cowbridge in 1964:

A new job in Barry and work for BP
Occasioned a move we now look back and see
Created a life that’s been great
If in thrall…
To the powerful draw
Of an oval shaped ball!

9. Yes, this Union perhaps has a dominant theme:

Mrs Mainwaring’s patience, some say, knows no bounds
It’s been challenged at home and…. at other team’s grounds
And whilst without doubt
This is raising a laugh
Might it be, can’t you see?
She’s been good at Fly- Half

10. And respite was achieved exchanging one pitch for another;

In the chaos that’s life let us always remember
In the CAOS in Cowbridge, Mum is a life member
And so not all her days
Were spent washing kit
For she teamed up with players
Whose voices were fit

11. And this was a passion that Mum & Dad shared:

For, following on from the comments above
And remembering this is a story of love
Dad also sang….
In the town’s male voice choir
And no doubt common ground
Underpins the years fire

12. But equally a mutual appreciation of separate talents was also vital:

And whilst Dad in the garden displays a rare zeal
Mum’s kitchen accomplishments make any meal
Oh, the flowers are dazzling,
But what pastries! What cake!
They’re surely as good
As those Gran used to bake!

13. And whatever his calling, food, they say, is the route to a man’s heart:

All over the place, you can run in to those
Who recognise Dad, wherever he goes
But acknowledge as well
As we think on what’s passed
A McDonald’s a catch
When her food isn’t fast!

14. So finally, let us conclude just with this:

For sixty years long and in sixty years love
It is patience and kindness and sharing above
Any personal victories:
Though valued as well
And the game still goes on
From that Wedding Day bell!

Please raise your glasses to one of Wales must successful teams since the war:

Ladies & Gentleman:

Mr & Mrs Mainwaring!

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